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More than a cover band, Funktion Junction is a musical experience. Together for 7 years, the band offers a fantastic mix of professionalism and talent. Trading vocals and styles, they move from one genre to another recreating Motown, Disco, Funk and R&B classics flawlessly. It is almost as if the songs were written for this band.

When it comes to blending music, fun, and performing, Funktion Junction has the right ingredients and has the recipe down cold. They bring all the elements of a great live performance together, making sure everyone has a great time and the music mix is perfect.


If you are reading this blog, you have found our new website and we welcome you. It's a tricky thing - finding the best way to communicate with our friends and fans. Although this site is still under construction, please browse at your leisure and let us know what you think. All ideas and comments are welcome.

Yours in music & melody,

The FunkJunc 

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